Just wanted to update you on Remington.  Remi is just about 6 months now and weighs over 70 lbs.  He definitely loves to play very rough and shows very little fear of anything….good thing we have three boys!  He has mastered quite a bit in his training with the exception of staying on his blanket while in the house….in this he is very obstinate but in the end I’ll win this one!  He seems to have a much better sense of smell and hearing than our two previous labs did and is totally enthralled with birds in the backyard.  He does chase them at times but mostly approaches them and just watches them for long periods of time.

He is definitely loved by us all (even by my wife Sue, whom he tends to push her buttons a bit).  He gets fixed next month so we will see how that affects his personality.

This was about 6 months later:






Thank you for training Remi!

It’s been almost a year that the cat has been avoiding him.  We walking into the room the other day and saw this…….guess they are friends now!