Adoption Dogs

Would you prefer adopting a dog in need of a new home, or rescue one that doesn’t have a home at all?

Maybe you have a love of Boxers, Poodles or Terriers, but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you want to rescue yet another Pitt/cross from the pound, but are afraid of getting one with a bad temperament.

Let Varian Kennels give you a hand! Here are a few options:

1. If you have already rescued a dog and need help with training, check out our training page for info and prices.

2. If you would like help picking out a rescue dog, we can set up a private session at a local pound or shelter and I can help you pick a dog with the temperament that best suits you and help you spot potential behavior issues, like fear or aggression.  Private training session costs plus travel apply.

3. Sometimes I have trained dogs  available for sale. Most have been adopted/rescued from shelters, and are usually “pure bred” though not AKC registered.



Do you have a dog you are no longer able to keep?

Let Varian Kennels help you find him/her a home! Give me a call, or Contact Us!