Bird / Gun Dog Training

One of the most exciting things to me is watching a bird dog do what they were bred to do… hunt birds! Check out some of our videos on you tube of our dogs in action! From introducing your dog to birds and guns, to retrieving birds from the water, casting out on a blind, or directions (left, right and back) Varian kennels has what you need to get your dog “up and hunting.” 


Training bird dogs requires more intense work and costly supplies than obedience training requires. I include the price of birds, bullets, and my extra helpers in the weekly rate of $1000 a week.  (Comes with Bath, private training sessions for YOU as well as your dog, video of your dogs new skills  and free rental e-collars…see obedience page for breakdown of “extras.”) How many weeks they stay is completely up to where they are at now, and far you want to take them. Give me a call to discuss your needs.