Thank you for your interest in Varian Kennels.

We are located in the beautiful hills above Paso Robles in the Central Coast of California. To find our location, you may refer to the written directions or map below. Please contact us with any further questions either by the contact form below, phone or via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Varian Kennels
70025 Vineyard Cyn Rd.
Parkfield, Ca 93451
(805) 748-9046





Remember to fill up on gas before you leave the freeway, as there is no service out here!


FROM THE 101: Make sure you go through the town of San Miguel, don’t let your GPS take you to the 46. Then follow the signs to “Parkfield.” Also, there are 2 Vineyard Canyon Road’s! When you are heading up the mountain, then down the other side, don’t panic that the address numbers run out! Just go down the mountain until the dead end, turn right, then we are 3 miles up on the left. I’m just a mile and a half from our “downtown” (If you have visited parkfield, you’ll get the humour in that!)

The first picture is right after you come over the bridge from San Miguel, the second is why where you stay to the right, I don’t have a photo of the dead end at the bottom of the hill where you turn right…i’ll get that, and the last photo is of my gate.

FROM THE 5: Our turn off (Cholame Valley Road, or to “Parkfield”) is about 50 feet from the 41/46 intersection on your right. Mark your odometer! We are 16 miles up on that very road. It turns in “Vineyard Canyon Rd.” around one of the many, many bends!  See photo of my Gate above!

IF YOU GET LOST: You will probably have a better chance texting than phoning as service is not great here, but if you mark your odometer from the turns I mentioned earlier, you should do just fine!

Can’t wait to meet you all… and the puppies can’t wait either!