Dog Training Workshops

Classes and Scheduled Retreats.


What would you love to accomplish with your dog?    LET’S DO IT!

Although every dog, every person and every situation is different, whether your dog has fear or aggression issues, or just can’t concentrate when distracted… what you are looking for is the same end result; happy, relaxed, well-behaved dogs. With or without a dog you will learn things you’ve never realized before about  dog behavior. See how  some simple training techniques and the power of the pack can quickly change years of unwanted behaviors! Call, text or email to sign up or ask questions.  805) 748-9046 or

SCHEDULED WORKSHOPS:  Foundations: March 28th (3pm to 5:30pm, my facility) and March 29th (9:30am to 11:30am Atascadero Lake) and  Off Leash Workshop: May 16th (3:pm to 5:30pm My facility ) and May 17th (Avila Beach 10am to noonish): cost is $375 for both days (1 dog/owner team) or watch and learn as an observer, $75 for first day, $100 for both)

CUSTOM WORKSHOPS:  Create your own unique experience to work on your dogs individual needs.  All dogs must start with a foundations class, then we add the town trip, beach trip or both! Classes are  approximately 2 hours.  $200 first person/ dog team, $150 each additional dog/ person team, (maximum 3)  $75 observers only.  $25 dollars off (each person) for each additional class taken in the same 24 hours. SEE RV option!

  • Foundations: This class at my facility covers the foundations necessary before going on to the other classes. If your dog has any aggression or fear issues, needs work walking calmly on leash even when other dogs are running around,  you need help getting or keeping your dogs attention when distracted, or has a hard time sitting still (staying) when distracted, this is a great place to start! We also work on off leash “come”
  • Town Trips:  Here we take the dogs to the next level, getting them to “behave like a service dog” in down town Paso Robles, or San Luis Obispo.  On these workshops your dog will continue working on socialization around lots of people and traffic, strange dogs and situations,  elevators, stairs and down stays while eating at outdoor restaurants.
  • Beach Trips: The ultimate in dog socialization, off leash “come” and down stays. Your dog will be an “off leash expert” at the end of these workshops


The 24 HOUR “I CAN’T BELIEVE WE DID SO MUCH IN A DAY” RETREAT:  We start with an early afternoon foundations class, then you check into your hotel room (INCLUDED) at the Parkfield Inn  while I take your dog on a pack run, followed by a bath and hot water massage. There is a pool and jacuzzi at the Inn for your own relaxation, as well as wifi and satellite TV. Next, we meet in the adorable town of Parkfield, for another session, which INCLUDES dinner at the Parkfield Lodge’s fabulous cafe! Enjoy a continental breakfast the following morning at the inn before we start training at my facility at 8:30am. We finish our training in the town of Paso Robles (or Avila Beach…$100 extra for my travel expense) in the early afternoon which will INCLUDE lunch at one of the local restaurants.  This retreat is $1200 the first person/dog team, $800 for an additional person/dog team*, or $200 observers*            ( *when staying in the same room, additional rooms are $175 a night.)

The 48 HOUR “FULL CRASH COURSE” RETREAT:  A little more Training, and a lot more fun! Starts with the 24 hour retreat, but when we finish up in Paso Robles, we bring your dog(s)  back to the facility so you can enjoy an evening out on the town in the Beautiful, Historic Town of Paso Robles. There is Wine tasting, great restaurants and shops, and even a  movie theater if you would like to see a show. The following morning after Breakfast at the Inn, we head out to Avila Beach, where we will finish our training in the early afternoon, which will INCLUDE lunch in town. $1800 first person/dog team, $1200* additional person/dog team, or $300* observers  (*When staying in the same room, additional rooms are $175 a night)


RV OPTION: For those who have their own RV and would prefer staying in them, the Parkfield Lodge has sites with water and power, and you are welcome to use the pool/jacuzzi and grounds while staying there.  If you are creating your own workshop, these sites are available for $50 a night. IF you are staying for a 24 or 48 hour retreat, subtract $150 a night from the cost of your retreat.


The 4 day RETREAT (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)  is in beautiful Parkfield, California, conveniently located in central California. For directions, click “information packet” button below.  In addition to the training, The RETREAT  includes all meals and beverages, including beer and wine, from dinner Thursday through breakfast Sunday. Entertainment will be provided Saturday night. There is plenty of room for camping  at the Blue Oaks Horse Camp at no extra charge. Showers, bathrooms and kitchen facilities are available in this beautiful campground nestled in oak trees. Travel trailors, campers, tents and RV’s are acceptable. RV patrons may use generators. Water hook ups are available, and electricity is available at the common area of the camp for all campers use.



Read what others have to say:
“They are totally getting it! They have navigated old men, skateboards, weird people and even other dogs walking past. Rumba is even proud of himself, every time he gets it right he starts wagging his little tail! its a total 180* difference!” ………or another client,………………”Thank you soooo much for the reassurance and encouragement!!! He came around by the end of the day! 🙂 Doing great today! Seriously can’t believe the difference in this dog after seeing you one time! You’re amazing! Thanks again!” ………………..and another………………………..’The training was fantastic!   Diesel is doing better on walks …more confident.   Not afraid.”