Flies aren’t just a nuisance to you, your home and your horses. These annoying little buggers can rake havoc on your dogs ears, and left untreated your dog’s ears can get so bad they may need amputation! Keeping the flies away can keep the Vet away!

Watch for the early signs…scabby patches on the ears, crusty, sometimes bloody and do this simple home remedy. Clean well with warm water and antiseptic soap. Gently massage all the dead hair and scabs away, with the warm soapy water, and rinse well, as flies may have laid their eggs in the dying skin, and maggots can hatch! Then apply a fairly thick layer of polysporin, or antibiotic ointment. Finally, keep future flies away with a product such as “swat” or other topical fly repellent. Repeat every few days as needed.