We started feeding the puppies their first meal today, Puppy Mush! (Ground up puppy food done by the food processor, mixed with milk powder and warm water.) Typical of German Shepherds, they weren’t loving the change! (Lab puppies will gobble up food from day one, until the day they die! ha ha ha!) I think they wore more of it then we got in their tummies, so we gave them (and us) a bath after! My helper Tom doesn’t mind getting messy with me, and of course mama Ruby was watching the whole affair with a careful eye.

IMPORTANT CHANGE!!! Because of a great family opportunity that just popped up, I need to move the go-home day out one day! So if you are a first pick person, your puppies must be chosen (if not picked up) by Saturday, August 10th at 9am. Second Pick people will come at 10am, third (if we have any) will be at 11am. Fourth picks (if any) will be Sunday the 11th at 9:30am, and if you aren’t buying a “special pick option” you will come at 10:30 am that Sunday. If you are not able to come by your time slot, you can still keep your pick order, but you will have to let me know before that time what your favorites our in order.