We’re wishing a happy first birthday to Winnie’s second litter, born 1/18/17 . Their humans have sent us some pictures to help us celebrate. Here’s to many more years filled with just as much happiness and wagging as this one! And yes, maybe some slobber, too.



“This is Wilson (AKA Checkers). Our 5 year old, Watson, is teaching him how to be a dog. They are both perfect Varian Labs!”


IMG_5196 IMG_5197

“Cerro was pink. Sharing my favorite hiking picture of her!”


IMG_5198 IMG_5199

“Autumn was “Pink stripe.” This is her last September. Gorgeous!”


IMG_5200 IMG_5201

“This was blue stripe puppy…Tucker tater-tot.”



“This is Gracie (Purple) at her happy place – Cayucos! She collects (sticks) on her daily walks–the bigger, the better.”


IMG_5203 IMG_5204 IMG_5205 IMG_5206

“Tucker–Blue Stripe. He is sweet and so smart!”


IMG_5208 IMG_5209

“This is Walter. He was Bear (ribbon).”

Doesn’t he look like his dad, our Walt?



“It wasn’t me….”