The puppies are three weeks old today. Their eyes are open, they’re getting better standing up on their feet, and they’re starting to play! We will be starting them on puppy “mush”  and they Will be getting there ribbons this weekend, as well as moving over to the big puppy nursery. Starting next week is a great time to come and visit the puppies as it’s a very good time in  their socialization period!  You’re welcome to come and join us at 12 noon or 4:30 PM every day except Sunday, however you must make an appointment a day or two ahead otherwise I might make other plans! If you have paid for a special pic I would suggest waiting to do that pic until they are six or seven weeks old. However, we would love for you to come out and visit before that just to play with the puppies, and get to start to know them! On the next blog I’ll give you more information about the “go-home” weekend and things you should be thinking of to prepare for your new  little arrival! If you have generalized questions about the puppies or puppy upbringing please feel free to respond to the group text as many people will have the same questions…. or perhaps they have advise they would like to share!


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