The iconic “happy go lucky” Lab! My son Kincade found Waylon online early in the summer, adopted him, and trained him all summer long! (He is following his mom in the rescue, train and rehome-ing of dogs!) The previous owner was going off to college and could not keep him, and had not trained him much at all.  I had him neutered and UTD on shots/wormer, as well as had his hips/ elbows exrayed to make sure they were good, which they are!! Other than paying me back for his purchase and medical visit, the proceeds of this dog go directly to my son’s college savings.

Waylon knows all his basic obedience (sit, stay, down, down stay, heel, come, wait at gates, no jumping, no barking, etc.) as well has a nice start in his hunting skills (introduced to guns/ birds, loves fetch, and already knows “right,” “left,” and has started “back” and working blinds.

Waylon is a super happy, sweet loving guy, with enough energy to be your walking on the beach, jogging, hiking or biking partner, or with a little more training is looking to be a great hunting dog! As long as he has one good “work out” a day, he will gladly lay quietly by your side the rest of the day! He is just precious! So sweet, loving and good natured.

Waylon’s price will depend on how much longer we have him, and have much more training he receives during that time. Currently, he is offered at only $5000! (Which is a GREAT deal for a gorgeous, healthy, AKC fully trained one year old!….his price will rise rapidly if I finish his bird-dog, hunting training!)

Give us a call for more info….video’s to follow soon! He will come with a two hour training session here at my facility, or with paid travel, I can do the training session at your home!