The puppies will be ready to go home starting this coming weekend. If you haven’t already, please confirm the time you are arriving. (See your deposit form, or call to make other arrangements).  They have had one shot, and numerous wormers…I will go over the vaccination records with you and I would suggest making an appointment now to get them in for their wellness visit and second shot the week you get home.  I will be giving you starter food (Natures Domain, Puppy…blue bag) however you are welcome to switch them to another high quality puppy food after they have been home a few days.  Please check the back of your get started tips page for map and directions if you haven’t been here before, and remember, there are no services out here, so don’t forget to fill up on gas before coming out! Looking forward to meeting you all, and your puppies are REALLY looking forward to getting to move on the next adventure of their life!

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