Dot had 11 of Walt’s pups on September 8th! 6 boys and 5 girls. If you have sent in a deposit form, you are currently on my list, but  I need your deposit check SOON (before the pups are 2 weeks old) or I won’t be able to hold a puppy for you! So far I have checks from Yoko and Barry, Neil D. If you haven’t heard from me, and sent in a deposit form before the last few days, there is a chance I don’t have it, so give me a call!  Once I receive your check, I’ll send you a “receipt of deposit” and some more information on preparing for your new arrival/ good times to visit, etc. There are still a few puppies available (male and female) so if you haven’t contacted me yet, give me a call! The puppies will be ready to go home November 4th, and will have had 2 shots, and at least 3 wormers by then.

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