These guys are soooo cute now! I encourage everyone to come visit, at it is really important for their socialization period! Remember also, the go-home day for first picks is Friday March 10th, so Kim and Dan, John and Kathy, please schedule a time with me, if you don’t have your puppies picked out by Friday, you will lose your pick! Second pickers, (Maria and Jane) your go home day is Saturday, and your pups will need to be picked out by then too (if you aren’t planning on taking them home that day!) Laurie and Rick, Marcy and David, Michele and Melissa Caudle I will see you on Sunday, March 12th starting at 11;30 am. We will visit with puppies until at least noon, then start picking and paperwork then. If two people want the same pup we will flip a coin. Their is still room to get into 3rd pick male ($150 extra) and come at 10:30 on Sunday.

Also, I will be giving you starter puppy food (Natures Domain, salmon and sweet pea) when you pick up the puppies along with lots of other goodies. If you can’t buy this brand locally, their are MANY other good quality puppy food, stick with the big names, or compare ingredients. They should be on a puppy food until at 1 year old.

Please revisit your “Puppy Starter Tips” page I sent you, especially the map on the back that has some specific direction hints from which ever side you are coming from. Their is a possibly 46 Cholame Valley road could be a wash out…so check a day or two before you come out. Other wise you have to go through  San Miguel. Don’t forget to fill up on GAS!

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