Labrador Retriever Puppies
For Sale

CURRENT LITTER INFO: Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale:  Fall Litters I believe are full! (Not all worked out though.)  Now is a good time to get on the waitlist for spring litters. Pups range from white, to gold, to red. Send in  a  DEPOSIT FORM. now without any money to get on the wait list if you are willing to wait! I will let you know I received your form as it comes in, and contact you again when mommies come back into heat in the late winter. If you find something else before then, no worries, we just rip up your form!. 

Go to our CONTACT PAGE to send an email, or just give me a call for more info! ( 805) 748-9046

Check out Current litters on the Kennel blog !

INCREDIBLE DOGS FROM EXCEPTIONAL LINES: Bred for beauty, brains, health, graceful movement and fabulous disposition.  Parents are on premises and are AKC registered with OFA and/ or Penne Hip ratings of good or better,  OFA normal heart and hips, many have eye clearances, as well as EIC and PRA and PRCA tests, and AKC CGC titles (the ones that don’t just haven’t gone for testing yet…see Parents page to see which tests have been done on the current litter.) Not only are these dogs of great breeding stock, they are also exceptionally well cared for! As quoted from our last AKC INSPECTION REPORT, the breeder “should be commended on the overall care and condition of her dogs and the construction of her kennels.” See the report yourself, so that you can know even if you can’t come out ahead of time, rest assured that an AKC inspector did and nothing but great things to say about me, my kennels, and my dogs!

PUPPY PACK IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR PUP! First shot and 3 wormers, microchip, starter puppy food, Nuvet Samples, potty training shavings, leash, poop bags, Training tips, AKC registration papers, Vaccination Schedule, and a Bill of Sale with a MONEY BACK HEALTH AND HIP GUARANTEE! (Try to find another breeder that offers that!) Also, my pups get 10% off  training for life, and more! They usually go home on a Friday afternoon, between 7 and 1/2 and 8 weeks.

GREAT START PROGRAM: If you would like your pup already started in training and fully vaccinated (except for rabies) then this is for you! We keep the pup until 12 weeks of age, so he/she would have had all 3 vaccinations and 5 wormers, shampoo bath, flea treatment and nails trimmed just before pickup. We continue to socialize the puppy to dogs, cats and strangers,  car rides, housebreak (crate train), and teach him/her the basics: sit, stay, come, down, fetch, walk on leash, no jumping, and wait at doors. You will receive a video showing off all of your new dog’s skills, and a private training session at pickup.  Space is limited in this program (only 2 pups per litter) so let me know when making your deposit! Cost is $3600. (Not included with the price of Puppy)

THE PRICE OF PUPPIES may vary. Pups will start at $3,000.  The order we receive your deposit is the order in which you get a puppy! Special picks (once you are “in” a litter) are extra (see the deposit form about that) and breeding rights will be considered for an additional charge of $1500 males – $2000 females. 

>> $500 from each litter’s profits is donated to our “Paw it Forward”  fund,  help to those in need. Learn more about the fund!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I’m so sure of my puppies I offer a health and hip money back guarantee! Try to find any other breeder that does! Most breeders will only offer you a new puppy if you return the dog you’ve grown to love. Why, because they know must people won’t! That’s no guarantee at all!

SHIPPING: Local delivery is available at $2.00 a mile (google map my door to yours, round trip) and trips longer than 200 miles add $200 for ones nights hotel stay.  Shipping out of state via airlines $850

PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT TODAY! It’s $500 deposit to hold a male or female puppy, any extras (such as first pick, breeding rights or shipping arrangements) also need to be made at the time of deposit. Please check with me first via phone or email to make sure I have pups/programs still available! Print this DEPOSIT FORM and send in with your deposit.

Check out Current litters on the Kennel blog!
Check out our puppy socialization process and Great Start Program on youtube!


Here is what some of our clients are saying about their AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies from Varian Kennels:

Hi Patricia:

“Patricia, thank you very much for the time you gave me! You have an incredible setup and both dot and Walter are gorgeous labs. 
I’m really excited to come back again in a few weeks to get the chance to bond better with them! 
What an amazing experience I’m really excited for this adventure!”

“Well we have to report that little Tango seems right at home here with us in Shell Beach.  She is on the fast track to potty training, telling us exactly when she needs to go.  She is having a ball with all of her toys.  She drags every toy to her bed, plops down, and plays around until her eyes can’t stay open anymore.  Very little wimpering.  Mostly tail wagging, chasing us around, playing lap cat/dog, and just being a joy to us, filling our house with sweet puppy life. So we are off to a great start.  Tango seems to have made our house her house, and our whole Family including Tango seem to be the perfect match. We could not be more happy”.

“Yeti has already become a beautiful, well-behaved, irreplaceable part of our family. He and Willow, our female ridgeback adult, get along famously. Thank you again. More pics to follow.”

“We named our puppy Kona (black female lab). She is about 4 months now. We are teaching her to sit, come, and stay. She knows all of them now. She gets along with our other dog “max” perfectly. Thank you for the very nice pet!”

“(from New York) Patricia, we are at the airport, she arrived. She is fabulous. We are in love! Thank you for all your kind support.”