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Roy, a Marine Veteran, is buying Elsa, a young german shepherd PTSD dog, and I am donating $3k of funding to him for his wonderful service to our country! Since I only currently had $2k in funds, I am dedicating the next 2 litters ($500 each) to help him pay for Elsa. He only needs to come up with $5000 now, and I will be delivering her next month to Montana. If you would like to help out a veteran, please feel free to contribute any amount of donation, write it to Varian Kennels, memo: Roy’s service dog,  and send to my kennels before February 18th, and I will deduct that from his remaining balance! I’d love to see the $pour in for this great Soldier!!!

Here is a short Bio from Roy:

I graduated high school 1987 in Helena, MT, and went straight into the Marine Corps out of high school as a machine gunner. I spent about 2 yrs serving in peace time, married my HS sweetheart, had a son, then the First Gulf War began. I served 6yrs in the Corps, getting out because i had missed most of my sons first 4yrs. Prior to the beginning of the war I was promoted to Corporal and given a squad leader position.

Here I sit 25yrs later married to the same lady and my son has already served his own six year enlistment in the Navy, plus a grandson. When my son was deployed to the same sandbox I had served some 20yrs ealier I began to have mental health issues, was dx with PTSD and Major depression by the VA. I have been a therapist for two years now at a veteran’s center in MT. with combat vets and mil sexual trauma. I work each day with trauma experience’s while getting help each week for my own triggers and re-experiencing of past trauma.