Gracie-9weeks-March26-NatlPuppyDay Gracie-10 weeks-April1-Wildflowers Gracie-7weeks-March11-Homecoming

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photo 1 photo 2puppy pink stripe: Just a hello to let you know that Autumn is doing wonderful.  She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl.  She is actually getting quite red as she gets older.  I just love everything about her.  So smart , fun and full of happiness.  I would love to post on your blog but cannot seem to get it to go through:(.  Thanks again for such an amazing pup!  Marie

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IMG_7730Gracie was reallly wanting in the pool to “play” with our visitors a few days ago!!

IMG_7738 IMG_7739 IMG_7740She is such a good dog, going to make an awesome hiking partner. Already totally pays attention to where I am when we “hike” around our property every day.

IMG_7737 IMG_7736Getting big fast


There were Lots more…and all the kind words that were emailed with these photos…but I got so behind in my office work….and so messed up in the organization/ downloads of these that I got them all jmbled up! But thank you all for your kind words, and update on your pups.  I lOVE seeing them again, and knowing how they are doing! If you remember their ribbon color, put that on the email! I’m going to try to get a more organized system!!!!