1. You do not need to keep these names
  2. Shepherds lighten and brighten until 18 months
  3. Just because I happen to take a great photo of one puppy, its just that…a great photo! They are all adorable!!!!

Gretle (pink and white polka dot ribbon)is our smallest girl, she is also more mellow, and a little more shy. I’d love her to go to someone who wants to take their puppy EVERYWHERE once they have all their shots, and get her totally comfortable with people! She would be easy to take, being smaller and more mellow!


Luisa (purple polka dot ribbon)was one of the biggest, but now they are all similar in size (except Grettle)


Marta (white ribbon with pink baby prints) was a smaller girl, but she is seriously catching up in size!


Leisl (plain lavender/purple ribbon),


Brigetta (the pink checkered ribbon) always was chubby from mamas milk, never liked the goat milk! I remember that!!!but she LOVES her puppy chow!