NOW the fun begins! We put ribbons on them to make it easier to tell them apart and get to know their individual personalities. We no longer have to bottle feed them either! They are loving the puppy mush we make for them (their puppy food blended up with goats milk) and are even starting to eat mamas solid puppy food we mix in at the end for her to clean up! They just had their second shot, and were moved over to the “big kid” nursery just yesterday, and they are already figuring out to go outside to “potty” in the pine shavings! (I’ll send some home with you to help you with potty training at your house!) They started toys today…and loved it! They prefer the bigger toys, the shark was definitely the big hit!

If you didn’t notice last time, we had a change in the go home time, so make sure you have noted it. (see the last blog.) If you want to write me a check you need to send it now, otherwise, you need to bring a money order, or good old fashioned cash when come to pick the puppies !!!

Finally, between now and 7 weeks is a very important period socialization period for puppies. The more visitors they meet in the next 3 weeks the more confident and people friendly they will be later! Make sure to schedule a visit! We are available most days between 11:30 and 12:30, or 5 and 6pm.  Always check first, a text is best!

Currently, we have 1 female and 3 males available.