They love to play, and are curious about new things, but their favorite is getting to meet new people! So if you would like to schedule a time to come and play with them, let me know! Also, the bottom photo is THE FOOD THEY ARE ON. I WILL BE SENDING YOU HOME A FEW DAYS WORTH! You can continue them on this food, or mix with another good quality large breed dog food. (There are 100’s of choices these days!) Make sure you have a crate for inside, and a kennel or SAFE place outside, bowls, collars and ID tags. It’s a good time to schedule an appointment with your vet for the first week you get home. They will be ready for their second shot then, and it’s good to establish care right away! PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR PUPPY DOWN OUTSIDE OR INSIDE OF A VETS OFFICE UNTIL AFTER THE 3RD SHOT!  Carry them in your arms from car to office, and only set them down on a puppy blanket on the office table! I will be sending home with you the vaccination records they have had done, and a recommendation of what they will need. If you are not able to make the go home date (Friday, the 12th, starting at 1pm) please call me the week before to schedule something else. MAKE SURE YOU FILL UP ON GAS BEFORE LEAVING THE MAJOR FREEWAYS! There are NO SERVICES out here! Thanks! Look forward to meeting you all!

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