The Puppies and Mom Ruby are doing very well! They have been getting supplemented with Goat’s Milk around the clock, and Ruby has regained her appetite as well! A couple of them have just barely opened their eyes! We have named them after the Characters from the “Sound of Music.” You will notice as they grow white marks (White out) that helps us tell them apart! Here is the breakdown:

“Rolf” is one of our bigger males and has a mark on his tail.

Leisl is one of our two BIG girls (so far the largest in the litter) and has a right ear mark.

Friedrich has 2 marks on his Pelvis, he is our 2nd largest male (this may change)

Luoisa is tied for largest female, and has a left ear mark.


Kurt and Max (Below) are about the same size, Kurt has a mark on his right hip.

Uncle max (right hip mark…can’t find that one but pretty sure this is him!)

Captain George,our Smallest boy, and pup in the litter, so we gave him the biggest Name!

Marta is a midsize girl, with a right shoulder mark

Bridgitta is midsize, and has her mark on her left shoulder.

Gretl is our smallest girl. She is slightly larger than Capt. George. Neither of them have marks.

We marked the puppies so when you see photos it can help you recognize them. They will change greatly, a smaller one may become a larger one and vice versa, and they will ALL lighten in color for about 18 months!!!! So if you haven’t seen tiny shepherd pups before, don’t worry, they are all born dark like this! That’s one of the really fun things about Shepherds, watching them change in color every month!