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“AKC Waylon’s Never Been to Spain

(aka. Waylon”)     $7000

Extremely Well Trained Family pet, Emotional Support Dog, Therapy Dog and Service Dog Prospect* and/or Hunting Dog.  …………………….(Will cost more to finish for service) 1&1/2 year Old, neutered, UTD on shots/ wormers, flea and tick, hip exrays look good, comes with one day of training. 

Waylon is a great looking lab, who is super happy, friendly and smart! He is fully trained in obedience (come, sit, stay, down, down stay, heel, fetch, no jump, no bark, crate trained, etc) and has a great start in his hunting training: Loves birds, guns, water, fetches to hand, knows handling (right, left) and will send out on blinds. Great at marking, steady to the gun. His Pedigree is packed with with champions! 10 Field Champions and 8 Master Hunters in the last 4 generations!!

This dog is SMART!!! and he loves to learn more! If you don’t hunt, he is a blast to play fetching games with, and as long as he gets one good run in a day, (or 40 minutes or running playing fetching games) he can settle down and lay by your feet the rest of the day!  You could teach him anything really; if you wanted you could compete with him in Hunt tests, Agility, Ralley, Field Trials anything! He can easily be finished as a Therapy dog, and we have started him with Service Dog Training, and he is doing fantastic!! 

The current price is where he is at NOW, as we continue to work with him, his price will increase. If you are interested in an AMAZING  dog, who is still young enough to enjoy a full life with, but past the crazy puppy stage, this is YOUR guy! Please call for more info, to schedule a visit, or put down a deposit.

MAKE SURE TO WATCH HIS VIDEO BELOW!!!!!! A new one is coming soon, as that was done about 6 months ago. He has filled out and learned alot more since! 



Two Socks Does More than Dance

(aka “Two”)….$7,000+

Family dog, Emotional Support,Therapy Dog. or can be finished as a service dog. 

  • Gorgeous dog, fantastic  temperament, loves every person and animal he meets.
  • Happy boy, VERY  calm and kind,  who is as healthy as he is beautiful!
  • Incredibly well trained, can be finished as a Service dog (price will increase depending on your needs)
  • Neutered, UTD on shots/ wormer/flea and tick. Hip ex rays look good! 
  • DNA profiled, is mostly German Shepherd, then Golden Retriever, then Husky. 

Do you have a dog you are no longer able to keep?

Let Varian Kennels help you find him/her a home! Give me a call, or contact us!


***Typically, Trained ESA’s and family pets start at $5000,  Therapy dogs start at $7000, and service dogs start at $9000. Discounts if the dog is older than 4.) Hunting dogs and puppies prices are determined by how much training we have put in. 

*** All dogs are fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered (unless being sold as a breeding dog.)  They come freshly bathed (with recent flea/tick preventative) and trained with a video of their skills and personal training sessions to help you learn their commands (Not all dogs have videos done yet). They also come with starter food, collar and leash, e-collar for off leash roaming, and more!****

**** Trained dogs available are often ones I have adopted  from private individuals or shelters, or they were dogs that were part of my breeding program that are retiring or didn’t meet my strict breeding standards for  various reasons.

Things that go into my base price of a dog:

  1. Searching for the right dog/ calling, emailing, traveling. ($750+)
  2. Purchasing/ adoption fee’s for dog ($300-$1500) or raising a dog from pup ($2500)
  3. Vet bills: spay/ neuter, x-rays, medicines, shots, vaccines, wormers, baths, flea med’s, etc. ($500-$1000)
  4. Training of the dog ($2000-$6000)
  5. Training of YOU! ($300-$1200)
  6. Misc exp. (training supplies, leashes, collars, vests, testing, etc) ($300 – $500)

Things that add to the base costs:  
Travel: In Home Visits are available (optional)for any of these dogs. If you live within a 300 mile radius of me, which includes cities from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and want/ need delivery, typically add $800  to the above prices. If I fly to you it’s typically around $2000 within the continental US.

If one interests you,  call or email for more info. 

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