Puppies are doing great…we brought Walt in to “Give them a run for their money.” He is so good with puppies of ALL ages! He will patiently share “his” toys, and tries real hard not to step on the pups. During most of the day he hangs out with my son’s 9 month old rambunctious German Shorthair named Billy, and tolerates his craziness with the wisdom of an old…Monk!

Just a quick reminder, if I haven’t received your payment in full buy now, YOU MUST BE CASH, or a money order from a large bank (Wells Fargo, B of A, etc or the US Post office) when you come to pick up your pup! I NO LONGER accept personal checks at go home day, due to a major hassle a few years back (a client bounced the check, would not make good on it, had to spend a day in small claims court, plus all the paperwork, stress, etc.)

Also…make sure you have a safe place for your puppy to be when you bring him home…especially when he is NOT with you (dog crate/ kennel, etc! )Purchase food/ water bowls, a collar (about 12 inches), I’ll provide a starter leash, puppy food (I’ll give you about 5 days worth…They are on Nature’s Domain Puppy, but you can switch to other good brands), a handful of toys, and some training treats (I use chopped up hot dogs…cheap and they love them. Make an appointment to visit your vet to start up puppy care the beginning of the first week you get home, but MAKE SURE NOT TO SET HIM DOWN ANYWHERE NEAR A VET’S OFFICE UNTIL AFTER HIS 16 WEEK SHOT! Bring a few towels to lay across the lap of whoever is going to hold him on the way home. (They are most happy this way.) If you are driving alone, make sure to bring a crate, as driving while holding a puppy can be a dangerous distraction. If your drive is MORE than 3 hours, bring a little water bowl and bottle, no food. If it’s less than that, it’s best to wait until you get home.  I’ll give you a TON more info at pick up…like Vaccine info, AKC and microchip info, go over the Bill of sale, and other advice. Bring a list of questions as they pop in your head this week…or use the group text! Many of you will have the SAME questions. 🙂 Finally, make sure about your go home time. Special picks are Friday (1st at 11am, 2nd at noon, 3rd at 1pm) You MUST have your puppy CHOSEN by your alloted time, so if you can’t be there, tell me your favorites in order THIS week! All other puppies: please come at 11am Saturday. If you come early, i’ll have coffee…but we WON”T let you back with the puppies before 11! (That would be cheating!)

Looking forward to meeting you all this week!

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