Hard to believe, only 3! I think when she cycled early (2 other females came into heat right before her) she wasn’t quite ready, and didn’t have a full release of eggs. But, these pups will have it easy!!! No getting pushed aside and having to fight for food! Of course, this litter is sold out. You should be receiving your deposit receipt and get started info shortly. Check out the store tab on the top left of the website for all the things you will need, and my tips and advice are on each page! You will be given starter food (Natures Domain Puppy) and Nuvet vitamin/ antioxidants, which are important for the immune system of these young ones. Ordering info for that is also on my site. You can schedule to visit the puppies anytime, but it is REALLY important for the PUPPIES to have visitors from week 4 on, so if you can only come once or twice, please come out after then!

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