The puppies and mom are doing really well! Willow is just starting to go back on short runs with the pack, and LOVING IT! It’s funny how a week ago I couldn’t drag her away, and now she is so excited to get out! We give her a quick bath, and she is back with her pups in under an hour, but it sure makes the mom’s more content to lay with pups all day when they get a little exercise! The pups are beginning to open their eyes…so they still have a bluish/ milky tint…which will go away in another week. They are getting up momentarily on wobbly legs, and quickly fall over. It’s pretty cute! They mouth at each other, but pretty much fall over when trying to play. It’s hard to believe in 2 more weeks these guys will be running around like pro’s!  By the time of the next blog, they will be out in the big pup nursery next to the labs, I’m sure Winnie will like having her back next to her again. Please plan on visits after September 20th to maximize the benefits for them….stranger socialization is needed after 4 weeks, but not really important now.

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