They have moved over to the “big pup” nursery, and started solid foods today! And they LOVED it! (and by solid, I mean ground down puppy food powder with milk powder and warm water…) the consistency of runny oatmeal. Now is a GREAT time to come out and visit, as it’s great for their socialization. I try to have someone here everyday (except Sunday) around 11:30 am. Other times can be arranged if that doesn’t work for you, and always call a few days ahead to schedule, as if I don’t have anyone coming, I may not be here! They have their ribbons to help identify them, Sunny (yellow ribbon) Daisy (flower ribbon) and Stripes. Now we can keep a better eye on personality differences. If your puppy is not staying for the Great Start, you can send in a check NOW for your balance, otherwise, cash only at pickup. ($20 discount for cash…so you can have a nice lunch at the cafe before you arrive!

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