The “3 Amigas” are healthy, happy and getting big! They are so beautiful, and friendly! They are eating solid foods really well now, and are beginning the weaning process, with mom now only coming in for 30 minutes or so in the morning and at night. (Which gives Willow more time to play with the pack…she is always so ready to see her puppies, but after 30 minutes, she is ready to get back out!) They had their first puppy shots a few days ago, and second round of wormers.  Due to an emergency situation, it turns out that ALL THREE will be staying for the Great Start Training program, so it will be really fun to watch them progress! The first 9 photos are of “Stripes,” the second 9 are  “Daisy” and the last 10 are  “Sunny.” Sunny coat is less dense/ fuzzy than her sisters, however when full grown they should be pretty similar. (Willow has a thick, dense, velvety undercoat which makes some of her puppies very fuzzy, but they don’t end up “long haired.)

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