The puppies are really getting fun now! Feel free to schedule a visit, any day at 11am (except Sundays.) Please Call Rebecca first, minimum one day ahead, (303) 513-1224 as I will be out of the country starting on Thursday, for almost 2 weeks. I’m not a photographer… and even though I might have got some ADORABLE photos of one or another puppy, please don’t only pick your puppy from the photos! You will have a chance to pick your favorite one out on your go-home day/ time. There are 2 darker boys, and 3 light ones. Their personalities change every week…but below comments are what we are seeing as of now.  Finally, these are the names of the puppies RIBBONS….I do NOT encourage people to keep these names unless they REALLY want to0!

Swirly: Our smallest puppy, and one of the darker ones. He seems to be slightly more curious and courageous.

_DSC0331 _DSC0341 _DSC0343 _DSC0360 _DSC0362_DSC0441

Orange: Our biggest, most mellow lab. (The quintessential “lazy” lab). Also a darker “golden” one. Has a birthmark you can see on his back right hip (2 dark splotches-see photo ) and a tiny bit of dewclaw that grew back (Can easily be removed when he is fixed.) Because of the birthmark, he can not be shown, so is “pet quality” at $1800.

_DSC0561 _DSC0560 _DSC0555 _DSC0521 _DSC0515 _DSC0498 _DSC0494 _DSC0478 _DSC0457

Polka Dot: Seems to be a mellower one…a little less confident, (or smarter?? looks before he leaps!)

_DSC0258 _DSC0280 _DSC0297 _DSC0298 _DSC0302 _DSC0304 _DSC0307

Stripes: The slightly bigger of the light colored ones (not as large as Orange.)

_DSC0111 _DSC0121 _DSC0136 _DSC0150 _DSC0157 _DSC0160 _DSC0166

Chex: I’m thinking the blockiest head of them all? Although it’s hard to tell until they are full grown.

_DSC0174 _DSC0186 _DSC0188 _DSC0197 _DSC0208 _DSC0219 _DSC0244

And Finally, our only daughter…Ayla. (She already has been named! Ayla will be staying for the Great Start)

_DSC0666 _DSC0656 _DSC0637 _DSC0623 _DSC0622 _DSC0606 _DSC0585