They are crawling around really good, and can lift up for a few seconds at a time on their legs…mostly on the fronts. They are JUST beginning to open their eyes, and have moved out today to the big puppy nursury, where they will get exposed to much more noises and a little more temperature variations. I have all but one deposit in, so you should be getting your receipt of deposit and get started info soon, if you don’t have it by Thursday, let me know. Please check out my store tab for ideas on things your new pup may need. I will be starting you off with food (Natures Domain Puppy…which you can now buy at most Costco’s) and Nuvet vitamins. You can order your own bottle of Nuvet off my site as well.  On each page of the store, I give my advice on what you will want, and what you will need. Feel free to schedule a time for visiting the pups, but I really encourage you all to come after 4 weeks of age, as that is a time where visitors are a needed part of their development and socialization.  Lastly, the little bit of red you may see on some puppies was to mark them. It will wear off soon.

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