They are doing great, and growing up fast. Mom comes in now just once a day, and it is such a special time! They eat solid puppy food now (Natures Domain Puppy) which I will be giving you a small bag of to get you started. They are also on Nuvet vitamins and antioxidants which I will give you samples of also.  They will be getting their first shots in the next few days…don’t worry, I will send you home with a Vaccination schedule to give to your vet! Speaking of, you will want to plan a vet visit the week they go home to get their second shot, and establish vet care.  Remember, if you haven’t sent me the balance check already, the balance is due IN CASH at pickup. We try to schedule visit’s most days except Sundays) at 11:30 am. Please call ahead to make an appointment, and if this time doesn’t work for you, we can try to arrange another visit time.

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