Here are is another update on Winnie and Walt’s pups, with delightful pictures sent by their families! It’s always a treat to see how they are growing up.



IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3104

“She is a gem–so pretty.” (Above)


IMG_2374  IMG_2376 IMG_2377  IMG_2379 IMG_2380

“We are so in LOVE! This lil girl has stolen our hearts! Our 8 year old lab loves her. Wouldn’t quit wagging her tail when we introduced them.” (Above)


IMG_3974   FullSizeRender

“Autumn is wonderful!  Such a very lovely dog:). I just love her.” (Above)


IMG_2510 IMG_2511

“So thankful to have found you! You breed great dogs!” (Kind words from the family of the puppy above)

20170813_125218 20170821_090139 IMG_0284

“He is doing well… very happy  boy…thank you.” (Above)

“So fun and loving..thank you so much…we get compliments everywhere we go.”


FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_0109 IMG_2895 IMG_3974 IMG_6512  IMG_2915 Resized_20171104_161218 unnamed IMG_6309  IMG_4087  IMG_0684 IMG_1302 IMG_5100  IMG_5102  IMG_5101